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Whether you have a fully restored antique beauty or a rare vintage model, protecting your investment is essential. Classic car insurance is designed specifically for antique, rare, or collectible vehicles that are not used as daily drivers. Unlike traditional auto insurance, classic car insurance takes into account the age, rarity, and value of your vehicle to offer customized coverage options. At Number 1 Insurance, we understand the unique needs of classic car owners and offer comprehensive insurance solutions to help safeguard your beloved vehicle.

Classic Car Insurance Cover

What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

Here are some of the typical coverages offered by classic car insurance policies:

  • Agreed Value Coverage: This coverage pays out the full agreed-upon value of your car in case of a total loss, without taking depreciation into account.
  • Liability Coverage: Liability coverage protects you financially in case you cause damage or injury to others while driving your classic car.
  • Collision Coverage: This coverage pays for repairs or replacement if your classic car is damaged in a collision with another vehicle or object.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This coverage provides protection for non-collision damages, such as theft, vandalism, or natural disasters.
  • Spare Parts Coverage: This will cover any spare parts or accessories that are kept with your car or stored separately.
  • Roadside Assistance: This coverage provides emergency services such as towing, battery jump-starts, and tire changes.

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