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If you plan on buying a new car, you have to get auto insurance too. Auto insurance is mandatory as it financially protects you as well as the other riders in the car in case there is an accident. Since different locations have different requirements when it comes to auto insurance coverage, it is important to know what to look for in auto insurance to ensure you receive the best coverage at the most affordable premium. At Number 1 Insurance, we can help you find the best auto insurance policy in California that suits your specific needs.

Types of Auto Insurance Coverages

Types of Auto Insurance Coverages

Like every other place, some auto insurance coverages are mandatory in California while other coverages can be added on for extra protection.

The five most common car insurance in California are:

  • Liability coverage – A mandatory coverage, you have to get at least the minimum coverage as per the law. There are two parts to liability coverage and they are:
    • Property damage – it covers the cost of damage you might cause to others’ properties in an accident.
    • Bodily damage – it helps pay for the cost of injury or bodily harm you might cause to someone while driving.
  • Collision coverage – Usually optional, collision coverage helps to pay for the damages caused when your car hits another vehicle or another object such as a wall, fence, tree, or road divider.
  • Comprehensive coverage – Another optional coverage, you will be covered for damages to your car caused by a wide variety of things including theft, hail, fire, or vandalism.
  • Medical Coverage – Medical coverage helps bear the medical costs of the riders in the insured vehicles in case of an accident when riding the vehicle. It is optional in California but mandatory in some other states.
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Insurance – Optional in California, but mandatory in some other states, uninsured or underinsured coverage pays for your medical bills when you are involved in an auto accident that is the other driver’s fault but the driver does not have the necessary insurance coverage to cover your medical expenses.


Auto insurance generally doesn’t cover the following:

  • Regular servicing of your car, repair, and maintenance.
  • Theft of your personal belongings inside the car. The insurance will pay for the damages to the car in case of vandalism and the price of the car in case of theft, but not for the personal belongings that get stolen during the vandalism or with the car.
  • Intentional damage caused by the driver or the owner. For instance, if you break the car window if you get locked out, the resulting damage will not be covered by your car insurance.

Yes, auto insurance in California is notoriously expensive and the state is one of the costliest when it comes to car insurance premiums.

Cover Your Personal Vehicle Against Damages with Number 1 Insurance

To understand your car insurance options in California, contact us at Number 1 Insurance. Our professional and licensed staff are experienced in all things related to insurance, and they can help you navigate the local insurance market to get the best deals on auto insurance in the state.

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