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As rideshare services like Uber and Lyft become more popular, it's important for drivers to understand their insurance coverage options. At Number 1 Insurance, we offer rideshare insurance policies specifically designed to meet the needs of drivers in California. Our policies provide coverage for both personal and commercial use, so you can drive with confidence, knowing you're protected no matter what.

Rideshare Insurance

What Happens If I Drive For Lyft or Uber Without the Proper Coverage from My Insurance Company?

Most personal auto insurance policies do not cover commercial use of your vehicle, which is what driving for Lyft or Uber is considered. If you get into an accident while driving for Lyft or Uber and you don't have the proper coverage, your personal insurance policy may not cover the damages or injuries you cause.

In addition, Lyft and Uber both offer insurance coverage to their drivers, but these policies may only provide limited coverage during certain periods of time. For example, if you're driving with the app on but haven't yet accepted a ride, you may only be covered by Lyft or Uber's liability insurance, which may not cover all of the costs associated with an accident. To ensure that you're properly covered while driving for Lyft or Uber, you should consider purchasing additional insurance coverage specifically for rideshare drivers.

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